CPU -Vulnerability (CVE-2017-5753,CVE-2017-5715,CVE-2017-5754)

Jan 11, 2018

Buffalo Inc. is aware of the multiple security vulnerabilities called “Meltdown” and “Spectre” found in Intel, AMD and ARM CPU with speculative execution.
When the investigation will progress, buffalo will update this public release with information about affected products.

Revision History

Jan 11, 2018 Initial Public Release

Affected Products

Product Series Comments
WSH5610 Series Please refer to the workarounds below.
WS5000 Series

Products confirmed Not affected

Product Series Comments
TS5010/3010 Series These are not affected.
You can use them safely without any actions.
TS7000 Series
TS5000 Series
TS5200DS Series
TS3000 Series
TS1000 Series
TS-X Series
TS-V Series
LS500 Series
LS420DS Series
LS400 Series
LS200 Series
LS-X, V Series
LS-WSXL/R1 Series




It is possible that information of kernel memory leaks from processes running with user authority.


If Windows automatic update is enabled, the update will be installed automatically. If automatic update is disabled, you need to check the security update of Windows in January 2018 and install it manually.

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